Sinful Sunday: The Letter D

This week’s episode is brought to you by the letter “D” for Doc Johnson Mood Naughty Butt Plug.

Plugs have featured in a lot of photos and videos I have seen lately so last week I took the plunge and purchased one.  I had a day off from work on a Friday so had the house to myself.

I went to the post office to pick my new plaything up and felt a bit naughty when the lady in the post office was dealing with me. I wondered if she’d ever had one in her butt, then I wondered if she even knew what one was.

Once home I got it out of the box within a box that it came in. It felt great and only 3 inches in length, which I thought was perfect as I haven’t put anything up my butt before. I was a bit nervous though as the tabs/wings that go either side of my bum hole holding it in place we’re extremely flexible and I had visions of the whole thing dissappearing inside me. I put that thought out of my head and went for a shower.

As I was shaving my balls and getting myself ready I was already leaking precum in anticipation if what was to come. I had been looking forward to this all week.

I placed a towel on my side of the bed, set up my tablet on the other side and got my favourite masturbator and lube and laid down. I was hard and still leaking. I put my finger on the tip of my cock and collected a scoop of precum (I produce a fantastic amount) and massaged it into my bum hole. Even though nothing has ever gone in there before I always enjoyed a bit of pressure there when wanking or being wanked off. It always felt naughty to me.

I the grabbed my new toy, covered it in the slick runny lube and placed it against my tight opening. I gently pushed the tip in and pulled it back out. Then a bit more, and some more and gradually it went all the way in, I didn’t even need to put much pressure on it. I just kind of sucked it in butt.

I didn’t know what I was expecting to feel, I didn’t really know what I was actually feeling. I laid flat on my bed for a moment trying to figure it out. I lent over to press play on a video on my tablet and I suddenly got the feeling I needed to go number 2. I knew I didn’t need to, having fasted for the previous 12 hours because if a blood test that morning, I really didn’t need to go.

I hated the feeling. Within seconds my once hard cock was now limp and lifeless. I grabbed the plug but my hands kept slipping and could not get purchase. Once I eventually got it out I just laid there feeling totally gutted. I was looking forward to this so much but all it made me do was feel like I needed a shit when I didn’t need one.

The toy went in the bin, and I eventually had a lovely long edging session.

From that day forth, my arse is exit only, but I will be rather envious of those that enjoy putting things in theirs.

Happy Sinful Sunday everyone.

Please click on the lips to see who else is being sinful this weekend x



17 thoughts on “Sinful Sunday: The Letter D

  1. It is definitely not for everyone but I will also say that it is a odd sensation and if you have never experienced it before it does take some adjusting too but once you do then that is when it somehow flips to being a pleasurable sensation.

    Also the flexi-wings of the base are definitely something to be careful with. As a general rule ones that are more ridged and fixed are much safer


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  2. Arrrr that’s a shame it started like the beginning or a great short smut story and ended sadly.

    I’d say don’t be disheartened plugs are not for everyone and as bum toys go they are more about the filling feeling opposed to one of stimulation. I’d really recommend looking at a prostate stimulator like the Nexus Glide this kind of prostate stimulators move and work with your body, the more excited you get the more it moves.

    Well, we hope your anal adventures continue and if you have any questions just ask.

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    1. Many thanks for that. I guess I was a bit hasty writing this entry. I think I may have also been a bit naive in thinking it might press against my prostrate as that was what I was aiming for. Never say never though…


  3. I must admit I don’t love butt plugs either. A lubed finger can be quite nice though. I prefer a moving sensation as opposed to the static pressure of a plug. It’s always a huge disappointment when toys aren’t what you expect.
    Aurora x

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  4. It is a very strange sensation if you aren’t used to it. That said, it isn’t for everybody but at least you tried. And yes, you are right to be concerned about flexible wings, rigid is definitely best.

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